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RORC Channel Race 2017 – Cruising or Racing?

So, here I am, exhausted after the RORC Channel Race. Soaked through after a 2 day battle against the British summer weather and the English Channel.

I was aboard a sailing yacht, competing in the Open 40 Class. The biggest of the classes, with approx. 40 boats. Our boat is a 38ft Sigma. A classic cruiser/racer, she was luxurious by my standards. I had my own cabin (‘hot bedding’ between watches), running water, a table in the saloon, a toilet which accepts paper and has a seat (!) and various other ‘luxuries’. As soon as I started exploring her, I realised this would be a different kind of racing for me.

rorc_channel_race_sam_mcclements (1) Our boat was luxurious by my standards

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