Strong Wind and Fast Flow on the River Medway

This morning I took my brother, sister in-law and lovely nieces for a cruise on the Medway, in strong wind and with fast river flow… it was super fun!

Recently we’ve had a lot of rain, so the river level is slightly higher than it has been and the stream is running fast. I didn’t check until I got home, but the environment agency are actually advising against navigating due to the fast flow. Whoops!

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RYA Day Skipper Theory with Elite Sailing

I’ve just completed my RYA Day Skipper Theory with Elite Sailing in Chatham and thought I’d do a quick blog post to let you know how it went and what you can expect if you’re considering signing up for it.

I choose the distance learning option as I am pretty busy at the moment, so it made sense to sign up and just fit it in around everything else. I’ve mainly been able to find time on my commute to work! In terms of the time commitment, I’ve been pretty slack in terms of finding time, so I’ve probably just done an hour or two per week over the last 6 – 8 weeks. If you knuckle down and find the time, you could study intensely and get it it done very quickly.

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Clipper Race Level One Video

I thought I’d share a video from level one race training with you…

It is actually a dreadful video of the crew and I… definitely not our finest hour, but it is (I think) so bad that it’s actually funny which is why I wanted to share it!

Yelling at us in the background is our skipper (Simon Bradley) and the 1st Mate (Carol). My training crew mate, David is on the camera. Both Carol and Simon were amazing and I would highly recommend them if you’re considering doing any of your sailing qualifications.