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Top 10 Sailing Films and Best Documentaries Of All Time

As a massive fan of the water, if I’m not on a boat, I’m often reading of sailing adventures, planning a trip, or losing myself in a sailing related movie. In no particular order, here’s my run down of some of the best sailing related films and documentaries out there.

The Top 10 Sailing Films and Documentaries…


Adrift – Based on a true story after facing a Category 4 hurricane on a sailing trip, Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp face the unimaginable in the Pacific Ocean. A harrowing tale, with a MASSIVE plot twist, this is a must see sailing film.

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The Big Seaweed Search

There are many big issues impacting our oceans right now… plastic, pollution, sea level rise, noise pollution, over fishing, the transfer of non-native species, acidification, rising sea temperatures to name just a few! The Big Seaweed search is a citizen science project, commissioned by the Natural History Museum and the Marine Conservation Society, to look at the impacts of the last 3 of the issues listed above.

big_seaweed_search (5)

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