Boat Hire – Port Grimaud, France

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Port Grimaud, South of france

On a recent camping trip in the South of France, I found myself lucky enough to be just a stones throw from the world famous marina of Port Grimaud. For 25 Euros, I hired an electric boat from a small boat hire firm. There are several. You can just pitch up, pay up and off you go. 30 mins is your allotted time to explore.

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10 Top Tips for an Inflatable Kayaking Newbie

I love to take to the water in any way I can. Over it, in it, under it, or through it. I am there. I’ve been feeling frustrated since losing my beloved Scally boat a year ago, I miss idling away a Sunday with a trip along the Medway. I have also been thinking how best to improve upper body strength to give me more power on the coffee grinder or winches – my two favourite spots on a racing boat. So I found a great, affordable solution – an inflatable kayak!

The kit is small, and lightweight

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