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Sailing fit – Update

As it’s the new year and most of us are pressing the re-set button when it comes to getting fit and kick starting a healthy lifestyle, I thought I’d give a little update on how my ‘sailing fit’ mission is going.

I’ve been hitting the gym 2-3 times a week, and if I don’t make the gym then I’ve been doing HIIT at home. I’ve not been doing any running, other than one 10km which I only did because the gym was unexpectedly shut, it was worth it though as I got to see a different side of London and actually really enjoyed dodging the commuters!

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Getting fit for sailing…

This section of my blog is a bit more personal than others. Here I will be documenting (what I hope will be) my personal fitness transformation, as I train for the Clipper Race and generally for sailing and boating.

In order to partake in a transatlantic ocean sailing race, one should rightly assume that a certain level of fitness and stamina is required. Currently… as it stands, I am perhaps at the lowest level of fitness that I have ever been at. And I am pretty appalled at myself for this! Yes, I have 3 young children, but I don’t feel that that is a valid excuse. My current state of affairs is more to do with the rubbish that I love to eat (Camembert, pate, the list goes on…) and the wine that I love to drink!

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