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Clipper Race Prep in New York

Well, after 3 years of prep and planning, I finally joined the Clipper Race for a race across the North Atlantic. I’m going to break my race up in to 4 blog posts, one for each of the 3 races which I took part in, and one (this one) describing the build-up and prep in New York.


Whilst I was on-board and throughout the build-up to race start, I kept a diary. I’ve decided to share that with you, I have anonymised some of it, and also added some further reflections. I hope it gives you a true sense of what racing on the Ocean wave is like.

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Is it a bird, a plane, a dolphin or a porpoise?

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a fantastic weekend on the water – what has now turned out to be my last full weekend on the water before I head across the pond for my Atlantic race.  There’s not much to tell, as it was simply a quiet, relaxing cruise up the east coast and back, but I did want to share some pics with you…

We were treated to a beautiful sun set at Woolvestone

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