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Marine Diesel Engine Training – upskilling myself

When you look at an engine do you understand it? Or like the former me, do you look at the mysterious lump of metal with a slight panic and fear, and then walk away and leave it to the experts?!

Changing an oil filter… when all else fails a screw driver becomes your best friend

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Clipper Race Training Preparation

Clipper Race training involves 4 core weeks of training over about 18 months. The weeks are notoriously intense, they’re hard work, incredibly tiring and most definitely not for the faint hearted. Later this week I will be sailing off on my 1st week of Clipper Race training.

Week 1 is apparently the toughest. This is perhaps to do with the fact that it is the 1st time that most people will have lived in such an environment… i.e. a 70ft racing yacht out on the high seas, with 18 strangers! Working hard rigging decks and hauling sails, whilst at the same time  learning continuously about the art of becoming a highly efficient crew member for an ocean yacht race.

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