ruby may

Highlights – Starfish and Family

Since we’ve had Ruby May back we’ve enjoyed a couple of short sails in our local waters. I wanted to share a couple of brief notes on two of those passages.

The first thing I wanted to share was a strange highlight from a night on anchor in Stangate Creek on the River Medway. A beautiful night on-board and our first night in local waters. In the morning when we pulled the anchor up, it came up with hundreds of worm-like Starfish attached to it. Without a doubt, the strangest ‘anchor-experience’ I’ve had! Take a look at the pics here…

Don’t worry, just after I shot this they were all thrown back in!

A family day on the water

On bank holiday Monday we got to take my Dad and his girlfriend for a cruise around the Montgomery wreck. I’ve not had the opportunity to sail with him before, and due to COVID-19 restrictions we’ve not spent much time together in the last year. So, it was particularly special and was very fun. It was a windy day (F7 by the end of the day), but we had a great day and it was a pleasure to have our first guests on-board. Here’s a couple of pics…

To see more pictures from our recent sailing trips – go to

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