Scally Waggler

Scally Waggler is my dear Princess Pilgrim 25,  a 1978 workhorse. Scally is the 2nd boat I’ve owned (the 1st was a sailing dinghy which never made it to the water!) and I love her a lot.

We made the decision to buy her in a split second whilst returning from a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. This is not what I would recommend to anyone else, so if you’re considering buying a boat then please try not to be too spontaneous! I say this because there could of been (and was) all manner of things wrong with our dear Scally.

She was quite a wreck, filthy, every piece of wood was rotten, every surface was mouldy, she was full of damp. Everything that could be ripped out was, and every removable part was replaced. My husband spent 3 months solid working on her. We then put her in the water and the engine blew up 😦  So we had to take her back out and replace the engine. Luckily for us her hull was sound.

This is Scally Waggler before and as we were doing her up…

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We brought her for £4,000, and estimate that we spent a further £4,500 (at least) doing her up.

Here are some pics of Scally Waggler as she is now…

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We now enjoy lots of days out and weekends away on her and the hard work and expense has definitely paid off, but it has been a painful process and I’ve learnt a lot of lessons. The upside of taking on such a big project is that we now know a lot more about boats than we would if we hadn’t of had to completely overhaul her!

Every cloud and all that jazz!

8 thoughts on “Scally Waggler”

  1. Hi there, we are neighbours. We too have recently bought a Princess Prilgrim 25 and we are parked opposite yours at Hampstead. Although we have lots to do to get it where we want it, We love it and are down there every week. It would be good to meet up with you to see what you have done. All the best, Kevin (Ashore – boat)

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    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for your message. Unfortunately I don’t own Scally anymore, a gentlemen now owns her, and I hope is looking after her well! I believe he mainly uses her for fishing.
      She was a fantastic boat. Really reliable, perfect for entertaining. We used to spend most weekends on her and getting out and about.
      It sounds like you’ve got an exciting project ahead of you, I think that’s the best way, as you get to know the boat inside out, as well as making it perfect for you.
      Although I can’t show you around Scally, I’m happy to pop down and have a chat. Let me know.
      Cheers, Sam


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