sailing_presents_christmas_pandora_charm_bracelet (2)

Perfect Christmas Sailing Presents

This Christmas I was spoilt with some perfect sailing presents. I thought I’d share some of my favourites in case you’re looking for some sailing present inspiration! Here’s a little peep at my favourites…

Sailing inspired Pandora charm…

The perfect addition to one of my charm bracelets, I was given a cute sailing boat charm. It is solid silver, with the classic Pandora hall marks and has a row of tiny diamonds on the hull. If you’re looking for some sailing related jewellery – this is simple and perfect.


sailing_presents_christmas_pandora_charm_bracelet (1)

Looking for something smaller? I was also given an awesome Sailing themed calendar as a Christmas present… 

The one I was given was huge, but that’s great as it has huge pictures! Perfect way to start each month with a day dream of sailing 🙂


sailing_presents_christmas_calendar (2)

And I also treated myself to a little sailing related Christmas present… A book of knots for Mariners 


The book I got comes with two lengths of cord, so that you can practice, practice and practice. It’s a great book with some of the essential knots that you need to know when sailing.

Those were my favorite sailing related Christmas presents, I hope it helps you if you’re looking for some sailing present inspiration!

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