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Clipper Race Prep in New York

Well, after 3 years of prep and planning, I finally joined the Clipper Race for a race across the North Atlantic. I’m going to break my race up in to 4 blog posts, one for each of the 3 races which I took part in, and one (this one) describing the build-up and prep in New York.


Whilst I was on-board and throughout the build-up to race start, I kept a diary. I’ve decided to share that with you, I have anonymised some of it, and also added some further reflections. I hope it gives you a true sense of what racing on the Ocean wave is like.

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6 Months Until I Race Across The Atlantic

Christmas Day marked the start of the 6 month count down for me racing across the North Atlantic Ocean, on leg 8 of the Clipper Race.

Clipper Race Leg 8 Quick Stats: 3,350 Miles. 22 Days at Sea. 2 Races (NY to Derry/Derry to UK).


So I decided that the 6 month mark, should be the start of really ramping up my fitness and focusing on my health and strength. I made my mind up a few weeks ago, that Christmas day would be a day of traditional indulgence, but that from the 26th December there would be no more!

“If you’re not fit enough, the boat will find you out”

Many people that have been on the race before, have said to me “if you’re not fit enough, the boat will find you out”. I have really let my fitness slide over the last 12 months, with so much going on in my life, and various stresses, I’ve not put my health first, and have been eating terribly, to say the least! So now it is time to focus and change that.

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