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First Aid Training – Heavy going but worth it

Picture the scene, you’re on a busy commuter train and the person opposite you suddenly starts clutching at their chest, their breathing becomes rapid and their skin turns an ashen shade of grey. Would you know what’s wrong? And would you know what to do? This person is having a heart attack… they could die. Someone needs to act, and act fast to assist them and potentially save their life.

Practicing CPR

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RYA Sea Survival Course

I recently completed the RYA Sea Survival course as part of my level two Clipper Race training. The Sea Survival course is tough. But I highly recommend it to anyone that spends a fair amount of time out on the water. As the saying goes…



Louis Pasteur

I have always been an adventurous sort, and along the way have been trained on emergency first aid for various situations, including becoming a PADI Rescue Diver a few years ago. I have had to use my rescue diving skills many times, and have been so thankful of having the necessary skills to help others, to stay calm and to keep myself safe. I have been the first responder on the scene of a serious motor bike accident, and have also helped someone who I suspected of having a heart attack – in both of those situations, no one else had a clue what to do. And that really highlights why it is important to have such skills.

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