The Big Seaweed Search

There are many big issues impacting our oceans right now… plastic, pollution, sea level rise, noise pollution, over fishing, the transfer of non-native species, acidification, rising sea temperatures to name just a few! The Big Seaweed search is a citizen science project, commissioned by the Natural History Museum and the Marine Conservation Society, to look at the impacts of the last 3 of the issues listed above.

big_seaweed_search (5)

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Winter Logbook Entries And News

I haven’t blogged for a while, so I thought I would give you an update on my latest adventures. I’ve also decided that I will be posting one more Clipper Race blog, which will be more of a Q&A and should hopefully answer some of the many questions I’ve been asked over the last few months. Watch this space for that coming out soon. So, what have I been up to?…

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Clipper Race Finish – The Liverpool Sprint

I’ve already blogged about the first two  races which formed leg 8 of my Clipper Race adventure. The Atlantic race part one and two, and the race from N Ireland to the English coast. In this blog, I’m going to tell you about the last race, which saw us sprint up the Mersey to the official Clipper Race 17/18 finish at Albert Docks.

Racing in to Liverpool

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