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In 2018 I took part in leg 8 of the infamous Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. It was a life changing experience. Here you’ll find my blogs on the Clipper Race, covering the Clipper Race Interview, training, and my diary, tales and stories from leg 8

Racing The Atlantic, Clipper Race, Leg 8, Race 12 (Part 1)

Grab a cuppa, here’s the first part of my diary from the Atlantic Race (Clipper Race, Leg 8, Race 12). I hope you enjoy the story…


Tues 26th June – Race Start
Having slipped lines yesterday morning, I was on watch from 12 – 4am. An uneventful watch, bobbing around in the darkness of the night, approx. 60nm offshore. All of the Clipper fleet are in the area, ready to head to the race start rendezvous point. So it was nice to see the occasional familiar twinkling light on the horizon.

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Clipper Race Prep in New York

Well, after 3 years of prep and planning, I finally joined the Clipper Race for a race across the North Atlantic. I’m going to break my race up in to 4 blog posts, one for each of the 3 races which I took part in, and one (this one) describing the build-up and prep in New York.


Whilst I was on-board and throughout the build-up to race start, I kept a diary. I’ve decided to share that with you, I have anonymised some of it, and also added some further reflections. I hope it gives you a true sense of what racing on the Ocean wave is like.

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