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Sailing on the Norfolk Broads with Hunters Yard

One of my good friends (a Clipper training crew mate) lives in the beautiful Norfolk Broads, and he invited me for a day of sailing on the broads. We hired an absolutely stunning traditional Gunter Rig half decker sailing boat (Rebel) from Hunter’s Yard, Ludham. She is the fastest boat in their fleet and is nearly 100 year’s old.

Prepping our half decker

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Hatton Locks – A Future Challenge

I took my children for a walk in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, to explore the canal network and have a look at the infamous Hatton Locks.

Hatton Locks – the view upstream

Hatton Locks consist of a flight of 21 locks, built in c.1930. The locks are incredible. We parked roughly mid-flight near the café and pub (which I highly recommend), and although it sounds obvious – looking upstream or downstream all you can see is locks. It is simply amazing, quite a site. And a feat of modern engineering that should not be underestimated.

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Strong Wind and Fast Flow on the River Medway

This morning I took my brother, sister in-law and lovely nieces for a cruise on the Medway, in strong wind and with fast river flow… it was super fun!

Recently we’ve had a lot of rain, so the river level is slightly higher than it has been and the stream is running fast. I didn’t check until I got home, but the environment agency are actually advising against navigating due to the fast flow. Whoops!

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