Clipper Race Level One Video

I thought I’d share a video from level one race training with you…

It is actually a dreadful video of the crew and I… definitely not our finest hour, but it is (I think) so bad that it’s actually funny which is why I wanted to share it!

Yelling at us in the background is our skipper (Simon Bradley) and the 1st Mate (Carol). My training crew mate, David is on the camera. Both Carol and Simon were amazing and I would highly recommend them if you’re considering doing any of your sailing qualifications.

Level One Clipper Race Training – What to expect…

Level one Clipper Race training was quite different to what I expected, and I think all of my crewmates would agree! For some it was tougher, for some it was easier, but for all of us it was super fun. I have previously blogged about my top tips on what to take for L1, but in this post I am going to describe in more detail what to expect from the week.

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Life Is A Journey – Inspirational Quote


This is another one of my favourite quotes and one that I truly believe in. This sign actually sits on top of the door frame in my downstairs loo (!) – I hope it inspires all that see it like it inspires me. I am a firm believer that anything is possible and that if you have a dream you should go and chase it.

“Life is a journey and you hold the map”

The only person holding you back is you. Now go and turn those dreams in to a reality!