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Boat Hire – Port Grimaud, France

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Port Grimaud, South of france

On a recent camping trip in the South of France, I found myself lucky enough to be just a stones throw from the world famous marina of Port Grimaud. For 25 Euros, I hired an electric boat from a small boat hire firm. There are several. You can just pitch up, pay up and off you go. 30 mins is your allotted time to explore.

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Fabulous architecture, colour, and every kind of boat can be found in port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is known as the ‘Venice of France’, and when you start exploring it, you can really see why.  It is a truly beautiful place, with a mish mash of colourful properties, all with a boat or two duly moored up in front of it. With tiny bridges, joining the little islands of the Port together, every corner you turn is a sheer delight.

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You can really see why this is called ‘the Venice of France’

I had my 3 children with me, and we went off around the marina, meandering through the beautiful waterways, under bridges and past the incredible super yachts and beautiful waterside properties.  We all absolutely loved the experience, and is a memory that I will certainly cherish.

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Some very big boats moored up in port Grimaud

The boat that we hired was small, electric (of which I’m not a fan – my previous electric boat experience left me upstream without a paddle!), difficult to steer, but aside from all of that (!), it was perfectly safe and it did the job.

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Hire boats in Port Grimaud – for the soul purpose of exploring the marina
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A huge motor cruiser in Port Grimaud
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Port Grimaud from the air (Image: Google Maps)

If you’re ever in the area, there is no better way to see Port Grimaud than by boat, so definitely stump up the 25 euros and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Just one tip – Stay away from the marina/port entrance as that gets fairly busy, but other than that explore to your hearts content – there is so much to see!

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